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Does your company upload files from mobile devices?

Get control of these documents with our web-based capture solution! Attend our complimentary webinar on Wednesday October 5 to learn more.

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Kickstart Your Accounts Payable Automation Initiative!

Lower cost per invoice. Immediate visibility into outstanding payments. Compliance and risk mitigation.

ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices is a turnkey capture solution that replaces costly manual data entry with efficient automated invoice processing. By enabling early capture of invoices and centralized validation of data, it reduces the cost of paying an invoice, improves visibility into the payment cycle and increases the accuracy of financial analysis and forecasting.

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Do you have problems with Inconsistent Files uploaded from multiple offices?

It's a web world and web capture is evolving. The Kodak Info Input Solution is a browser-based capture application delivering ease of implementation and use. It’s secure, scalable, centrally managed, easily deployed/supported, and extremely cost-effective. Leverage your investments in existing ECM infrastructure with a nimble capture solution ideal for mission and time-critical transactional applications. Make knowledge workers and customers happier by making information available faster.

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Process improvements

Companies have been left in the dark for far too long, unable to harness the full power of their data. This isn’t due to a lack for trying, and IMS understands this.

Whatever you are currently doing to manage your data, we can help you improve that process!

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Skip the cable

The new wireless and network KODAK i1190WN Scanner makes life a lot easier and more efficient for any business. It is perfect for sharing and work collaborations. You can easily integrate it with your existing business applications and create new custom integrations. And you can even manage security levels and settings. Welcome to a new world of flexible, versatile, powerful, convenient and stress-free scanning.

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Featured Product

Kodak Alaris Info Input

KODAK Info Input Solution enables faster capture and access to information – at the office or remotely. Info Input Solution is a web-based and mobile capture application that is easy for workers across departments and enterprises to implement and use. Info Input offers high-speed scanning with real-time image display, indexing, and bar code detection. The customizable interface keeps things simple, focused, and extremely easy for knowledge workers to use. Documents are automatically routed to the right place to reduce mistakes.

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Upcoming Autopilot Webinar Series -Remote Web Scanning Webinar 10/5/16

When there are offices stretched out into remote locations, the control grip on the document process unfortunately gets weaker. Documents tend to be complex and problems arise when forms are incompatible, file naming is inconsistent or image quality is compromised. Every day, time is lost to document errors and re-scans. We know that use of...

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Upcoming Autopilot Webinar Series – Mailroom Automation 10/18/16

FlexiCapture for Mailrooms is a smart solution designed to automate the processing and routing of incoming mail in your organisation enabling multi-channel capture and electronic communications. organisations from the telecommunications, energy and utilities, insurance, manufacturing or other sectors need to respond to customer inquiries in a fast and comprehensive way, even when customers communicate via...

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Past Webinar- Autopilot Series: Invoice Automation 9/14/16

Are you getting turbulence with your invoice procedure? A powerful capture solution can not only save you time, but also increase your AP department’s productivity and reduce cost per invoice. Let us show you how! Watch our webinar to learn more about: Saving time by automating and simplifying invoice capture Improving the visibility of invoices while bringing...

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Automated Time Sheet Processing Delivers Big Savings for Automotive Firm

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World's Largest Beverage Company Simplifies Invoice Processing

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A Powerful Document Solution for Medical Records

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The latest industry updates

Four Foolproof Ways to Expedite Claims and Wow Customers

Streamline the insurance claims process and reduce customer turnover Download a PDF version of this checklist. Insurance customers are among the least loyal in consumer-focused industries. Turnover is high; two in five global customers have changed their insurers during the past 18 months. Even worse, trust is relatively low. Just 70 percent of consumers trust their...
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Failure to Launch? Avoid Common Tech Implementation Mistakes

Maximize the ROI of new scanners and capture software by overcoming 4 common barriers to success Download the PDF version of this checklist. Digital transformation isn’t just a means to a competitive edge—it’s crucial to success. Advanced document capture and information management solutions can help businesses automate and streamline workflows, empowering employees to get more...
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Kodak Alaris Dr. Scanner Rap

Our scanners are so fine. They scan, sort and index files in no time…
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Fujitsu Unveils New fi-7030 Desktop Scanner with Leading Edge PaperStream Image Enhancement and Capture Applications

Sunnyvale, CA, August 02, 2016 Fujitsu, the market leader in document imaging scanners, today announced the availability of its latest fi Series desktop scanner, the Fujitsu fi-7030. Designed for efficiency, the fi-7030 is capable of handling various documents from business cards to Legal size, and comes bundled with enhanced image processing PaperStream IP TWAIN and...
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The latest industry updates from our partners. Kodak Alaris, ABBYY, Fujitsu, Cabinet Safe and Canon.

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