Healthcare agency gets digital process into shape

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Healthcare agency gets digital process into shape

Automation reduces labor, errors and costs

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Lifetime Care provides comprehensive care and support services to thousands of people in Western New York. By adopting an automatic indexing system that includes KODAK Scanners and KODAK Capture Pro Software, the agency has cut the cost of digitizing documents and improved access to patient information.


Lifetime Care made the transition to a digital workflow, scanning documents to record every patient visit. However, the staff was still spending too much time on manual data entry and filling in fields of data. What’s more, managing multiple software platforms caused confusion and wasted time.


The agency wanted to reduce labor costs and improve data-entry accuracy by further automating their document management process.


Pre-printed bar code labels were introduced to patient visit documents, eliminating the need for the staff to enter additional data. In addition,the KODAK Scanners were upgraded to KODAK Capture Pro Software Network Edition, which greatly simplifies the task of managing multiple software platforms.


The solution has streamlined the data entry process, cut the error rate and freed staff members to focus on more important tasks. More importantly, by providing faster access to accurate information, it has contributed to improved patient care.

Automation is the answer

With the assistance of Information Management Services (IMS), an Authorized Reseller of KODAK Document Scanners, Lifetime Care began adding bar codes to patient visit documents These pre-printed labels save staff members the additional task of completing required information, such as patient name and ID. When documents are returned to the home office, operators simply scan them and required index fields are populated automatically. The new process increases efficiency by virtually eliminating the need for manual data entry.

IMS has also gradually upgraded Lifetime Care’s fleet of KODAK Scanners to the KODAK Capture Pro Software Network Edition. This has made staff members’ jobs much simpler. “Our people no longer have to worry about misplacing individual hardware dongles for each scanner or keep track of multiple software renewals,” explained Mike Iadarola, Manager of IMS. “They now have licenses tracked from an individual location with one annual software renewal, which streamlines the entire process.”

Less Labor, lower costs

By greatly reducing the amount of manual indexing needed for patient visit documents, the capture software solution from IMS has allowed Lifetime Care to reduce costs.

“Now we’re able to better optimize how we allocate our people’s time,” said John Cauvel. “IMS has helped us to not only greatly enhance the indexing process, but cut the error rate, and that has translated to better patient care.”

Upload from anywhere

KODAK  Scanners and Capture Pro Software also simplify Lifetime Care’s physician order processing. Instead of having to be scanned from a central location, documents can now be scanned into the agency’s File360 database from any of five satellite offices. “If a supervisor in Rochester needs access to patient information in Newark or Auburn, they can easily pull it up and search for any information field,” explained Cauvel.

“Given the regulations that we have to live with, paper is going to be around for a while,” Cauvel added. “What the KODAK Products and File360 have allowed us to do is manage those documents for a minimum cost, while making sure we achieve compliance. The system can point out missing information, which allows us to act on key data without wading through mountains of paper.”

“The KODAK Products and File360 have allowed us to manage documents for a minimum cost, while making access to information easier and ensuring that we achieve compliance.”
~John Cauvel, Vice President for MIS and Infrastructure at Lifetime Care


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