Process Improvements

Improve your Document Scanning

If you have been waiting for Kodak to create the perfect scanner, that time has arrived! When you see the new features it is clear that Kodak has been listening to their customers’ recommendations. Dr. Scanner even sang a rap song about it- check out the video. Improve your document scanning productivity today!

Improve Your Invoice Processes

What if we told you that entering invoices does not have to be boring and time consuming anymore? A powerful capture solution can not only save you time, but also increase your AP department’s productivity and reduce cost per invoice.

Improve Information Access

You go where your business takes you and you need the right tools and information to successfully conduct business remotely. Learn more about Cabinet Safe cloud storage solutions, so you and your team can access your documents anytime, anywhere.

Improve the way You Manage Remote Location Data

When there are offices stretched out into remote locations, the control grip on the document process unfortunately gets weaker. Documents tend to be complex and problems arise when forms are incompatible, file naming is inconsistent or image quality is compromised. Every day, time is lost to document errors and re-scans.
What if you could easily regain control of your document process without having to install software? We can show you how!

Improve Insurance Document Productivity

Are you faced with the challenge to improve accuracy and productivity when processing all insurance documents? All the while, the pressure is on to maintain compliance as well. This may seem impossible, but with ABBYY FlexiCapture the possibilities are endless. Improve your system today!

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Dr. Scanner i3300 introduction

This time, Dr. Scanner is in a top secret warehouse, to welcome the new i3300 Document Scanner – A production scanner with a speed of up to 140 images per minute in DIN-A4 with double sided scanning and in color and 300dpi. Check out the newest desktop scanners in Kodak Alaris’ growing and innovative product portfolio.
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