The Power of Mobile Technology in the Construction Industry

Tablets and smartphones have transformed our lives over the past few years and they’re also transforming the construction industry. Ever wonder if mobile technology could help you do your job better, or at least make things easier? With the world becoming increasingly more mobilized, it is important that construction companies recognize the importance of mobile technologies within their business.

When you work in construction, the pressure is on. There are deadlines to meet, safety regulations to comply, employees to manage, quality assurance and the list goes on. Harness the power that is already on every construction site. The cell phone.

There are countless mobile tools available that can eliminate many manual tasks.

  • Automatically track work miles driven.
  • Time cards tracked through mobile phone.
  • Safety & compliance apps
  • Create inspections with a location & time stamp
  • Create estimate/bid easily with material list
  • Easily record and edit dimensions and measurements
  • Project management
  • Calculate the amount of supplies needed for a project
  • Create daily, time stamped reports with climate info and any time lost due to bad weather


Mobile technology impacts the way construction industry manages on and off-site projects

On the other hand, there’s always the old-school way of doing things. As the saying goes, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Companies think they are saving money by using what has worked for years, but they don’t realize the unseen wasted money in keeping those out of date processes. After countless human errors, missed deadlines and lost information, many customers eventually start looking for a different construction company that is efficient with technology to do business with. Mobile technology impacts the way construction industry manages on and off-site projects. What’s stopping you? If you’re not fully using the power of mobile technology, your construction business could get left behind by the competition.

  Benefits of Construction Mobile Solutions:

  • Real-time data & communication
  • Increased safety
  • Improved efficiency & productivity
  • Less human errors & more accuracy
  • Reduces overall costs


To take it to the next level, document capture through mobile technology is a powerful thing. Imagine having real-time data synced from remote site to the home office. An inspection form can be captured on the foreman’s cell phone and data automatically syncs into the right places in your organization instantly.

Do you have a problem with employees on site not uploading the data properly? Is your administrative staff always fixing these uploads? There is a mobile technology enterprise software that can fix that.

A consultant can help you solve these problems and answer questions you may have. Mobile technology can greatly help reduce construction data inefficiencies. Contact us for a free consultation or quote.


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