Square 9® Releases GlobalConnections® For Microsoft® SharePoint & OneDrive

Introducing Document Capture Automation Integration with Microsoft Office 365™


NEW HAVEN, CONN., July 10, 2017 – Square 9 Softworks announced today the release of GlobalConnections® For Microsoft® SharePoint and OneDrive as part of their GlobalCapture® product suite. With its release, GlobalConnections will support the distribution of content being transformed into high value information within GlobalCapture, to either of these two highly popular repositories within the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem. GlobalCapture, one of Square 9 Softworks’ GlobalSuite of products for Document Capture Automation, acts as an aggregation and transformation point for all forms of business content including scanned images, digital files, email records and more. Critical information from these documents can then be identified, classified and mined using advanced data extraction tools as part of Square 9’s document transformation services. When completed, the document is released to a designated repository which may optionally be a network share, Enterprise Content Management solution or to SharePoint and OneDrive.

GlobalConnections for SharePoint and OneDrive will work with any version of Sharepoint 2013 or greater, including SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. Information being extracted from a record during the GlobalCapture workflow process can be further used to automate the classification and naming of records within SharePoint and OneDrive, including the filename or folder name where a document will reside. As information is being released to SharePoint and OneDrive, dynamic email notifications can also be delivered to notify users of inbound content that requires their attention. “Given the importance SharePoint, OneDrive and the Office 365 platform plays in the day to day operations of so many businesses, we felt this level of collaboration would bring immediate benefits to our user community” stated Stephen Young, President and CEO of Square 9 Softworks. “Users can now release their content to multiple repositories simultaneously based on their individual needs.” Young added. For more information on GlobalConnections for Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive, please visit www.square-9.com/globalconnections.

About Square 9 Softworks
As a trendsetting software development firm, Square 9 is a creative force in the next generation of both on premise and cloud-enabled Content Management solutions. Intensely customer-focused and highly responsive, Square 9 delivers effective, value-driven solutions and has achieved a reputation for excellence in meeting the rapidly evolving needs of its customers. In addition to GlobalSearch®, the award-winning Content Management solution platform, Square 9 has been widely recognized for its diverse portfolio of products including solutions for Document Capture Automation, Business Process Automation and Web Forms Management.


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