Take the ‘Work’ Out of ‘Paperwork’ with Advanced Capture

Converting paper and electronic assets into clean, extracted data and files that drop directly into SAFE for nearly two decades.

More than 10 years ago, Cabinet recognized that companies were looking for ways to further simplify document filing and recordkeeping. To meet the growing need, we began offering our customers access to a leading front-end solution for document capture, PSIcapture.

Its pairing with SAFE gave customers one-stop shopping when it came to streamlining document management and was so successful that we approached long-term partner PSIGEN about white-labelling the product under our brand name as the solution many of our customers know as ADVANCED CAPTURE.

As an early example of successful integration between our companies, PSIcapture enabled dozens of SAFE clients to simplify document scanning and realize their vision for a paperless office environment. Here’s how:


Documents, faxes, mail – there’s never a good moment to catch up. PSIcapture simplifies and automates batch document processing and filing so knowledge workers can stay focused on value-added tasks while keeping pace with constant document streams. Comprehensive functionality includes:

  • Document scanning and import
  • Form recognition and processing
  • Data capture
  • Automated data extraction
  • Content publishing and migration

Unstructured data is transformed through these operations into fully indexed, searchable digital files that are then housed within SAFE. PSIcapture’s ability to integrate with any scanning device, standardize file formats, and manage up to 250,000 pages a day makes it ideal for big and small jobs, from managing personnel files across multiple offices to keeping track of accounts receivable documentation.


To remain competitive in the age of “big data,” companies must prioritize their ability to mine for operational information and produce actionable business insights. PSIcapture provides advanced automation tools to accelerate this process. Knowledge workers can now classify documents through their logical structure and nomenclature as defined through custom business rules for automated data extraction, virtually eliminating the need for IT support. And no more manually inputting information about information: the system automatically fills in document property fields before import. From here, files are converted to searchable PDFs and routed to SAFE so employees can track down the information they need at a moment’s notice.


The successful pairing of SAFE and PSIcapture is no coincidence. Cabinet and PSIGEN were built on the same philosophy: putting the customer first. In our 17-year partnership, we have collaborated to improve this joint offering by continuously evolving our products to keep pace with industry challenges. This includes PSIcapture’s seamless integration with SharePoint, the ability to access SAFE from within Salesforce, harnessing the metadata in various EMC or DM systems to automate workflows, and more.

We continue to fine-tune our solutions to enhance ease of deployment and maintenance. And through the recent acquisition, we are in the process of blending our PSIGEN and Cabinet teams, producing a synergy that will no doubt amplify our technological innovation, strengthen our product integration and enhance our ability to meet customers’ ever-changing business needs.

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