Optional Cabinet Modules

Several optional modules can increase the flexibility and scalability of Cabinet’s SAFE electronic document management system.

cabinet-share-logo SHARE makes it easy to share documents securely with external parties who don’t use SAFE — such as customers, vendors and business associates.

Using SHARE is simple: SAFE users and outside contacts can each upload documents to a password-protected SHARE account, from which either can access and manage the files via a standard web browser. Uploads and email notifications are instant, and there is no additional software to install.

cabinet-web-logo WEB allows Cabinet clients to interact with documents in their SAFE repositories through a simple, browser-based portal.

Anywhere you have internet access and a desktop, laptop, netbook or tablet, you can work with any document in your SAFE or SAFE CLOUD repository. It’s as simple as opening Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari and entering login information.

cabinet-advanced-capture-logo ADVANCED CAPTURE is a powerful front-end user interface for automating high-volume, high-speed document capture.

ADVANCED CAPTURE makes it easy to import paper or electronic documents into SAFE’s fully indexed, searchable digital repository. With support for as many as 250,000 pages per day and advanced QC, correction, indexing, classification and OCR tools, ADVANCED CAPTURE takes the guesswork out of batch imaging jobs large and small.

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