Past Webinar – Mailroom Automation 10/18/16

View our ABBYY Mailroom Solutions Webinar to find out how __________________

  • Faster Decision-Making Process
    Due to the automation of mail processing with ABBYY FlexiCapture for Mailrooms, the decision making cycle
    is significantly shortened. Customer inquiries can be processed according to their priority.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
    through quick reaction to incoming inquiries the communication with customers and the responsiveness
    to their needs can be significantly improved.
  • Cost Reduction and Fast ROI
    All incoming communication can be automatically digitized, which reduces manual work to a minimum, resulting
    in lower costs and fewer errors. in addition to this, the ABBYY solution helps to significantly reduce
    storage and archiving costs, since all the documents can be stored in a virtual archive.
  • Better Monitoring and Visibility
    By using ABBYY’s mailroom automation solution, businesses can better control the flow of incoming information
    in an easy and efficient manner. incoming mail can be automatically classified, prioritized and distributed.
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency
    Mailrooms face high labor and staff costs related to distributing and processing of letters, as well as
    other expenses associated with re-sending, losing, destroying and archiving documents. ABBYY’s digital
    mailroom solution has a direct ameliorative effect on all those costs by contributing to major savings and increased productivity for your business.

FlexiCapture for Mailrooms is a smart solution designed to automate the processing and routing of incoming
mail in your organisation enabling multi-channel capture and electronic communications. organisations
from the telecommunications, energy and utilities, insurance, manufacturing or other sectors need
to respond to customer inquiries in a fast and comprehensive way, even when customers communicate via
email. the FlexiCapture for Mailrooms automation solution streamlines the processing of incoming mail,
helping businesses achieve faster response times and decision making.

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